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(po èn uzeu do wiccionaire inglès: loukîz cial)

For me, hamza letters are inexistant in classical Moroccan Arabic words.


أ: is added artificially in official orthography of Proper manes when first consonnant is with "sukun": أمكمّد ≠ * am7emmed but «مْحمّد» («m7emmed»).

ؤ : not recognizable in «سوول» (to ask)


It is just pronounced nowadays in first names borrowed from classical Arabic «Sana'», «Chayma'» (in the 1970's; «شامة», felt as "outdated" now)

An other argument is that Hamza is not present in the orthographic system of moroccan amazigh languages. AND the pronounciation tendencies of Moroccan Arabic are those of Moroccan berberian.

--Lucyin (discussion) 13 di setimbe 2017 a 10:02 (UTC)