cool off

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Aplacaedje di : to « cool » + «off».


to cool off (v. å spitron)

  1. (v. sins coplemint) (djin ki s’ a måvlé) si rapåjhter, si rapåjhî, si rapwairi.
    • You are getting a little too angry, you need to cool off.
      • Vos divnoz ene miete trop nierveus ; vos av dandjî di vs rapåjhter.
  2. (v. sins coplemint) (tchôde sacwè) rafroedi, si rafroedi.
    • The metal will take about 3 hours to cool off after the molding.
      • Li metå va mete a pô près troes eures po rafroedi après l’ fondaedje.
  3. (v. sins coplemint) (boere ene frisse sacwè) si rafrisker, si rafrexhi.
    • You are thirsty, but do you want to warm up or to cool off ?
      • Vos avoz soe, mins vos vloz reschandi ou rafrisker ?
  4. (viebe å coplemint) (djin) rapåjhter, rapåjhî.
    • At first he was very angry, but his friends managed to cool him off.
      • Å cmince, il esteut mwais, mins ses soçons s’ ont arindjî pol rapåjhî.
  5. (viebe å coplemint) (sacwè) rafroedi.