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New words[candjî]

Hi, Lucyin. I have just checked albrant and seen that it exists in I do not know if all the words you are creating here are in as well but so far it would be a good idea to only create here words that are not yet in When we transfer here the lexical pages from, the ones which are now both here and there will need extra work in order to merge their history logs. I have asked in the Metapub and it seems the transfer can be done with not much trouble but we would need at least one sysop here. I think you or some reliable user from are the best options. Would you accept the buttons? If you would, you have my vote. :) --Piolinfax 22 d' djanvî 2009 a 22:39 (UTC)

OK. I do not move further on, or, if I do, I will remove the page from classical Wiki (with a mention :Dedja bagué sol Wiccionaire.

For automatic transfer, I prefer it would be conducted by Mr Sarachaga who has a wide informatic background. I will speak to him personnaly for that sake. So I prefer you give him the "buttons".

Lucyin 23 d' djanvî 2009 a 13:34 (UTC)

OK, Mr Saratxaga seems good to me as well. Anyway, I cannot give anybody the buttons except in es.wikt :). According to this the transfer probably will not be made by a sysop here. The buttons are probably needed for putting a few things in their proper place once they are tranferred here. I'm trying to apply for it asap (or make somebody else to apply for it because I am not sure if I will be able to open a new request en Bugzilla) but I do not know if it will take long because it depends on how busy people in Meta are. Regards. --Piolinfax 24 di djanvî 2009 a 11:30 (UTC)

Bug 17547[candjî]

Hi, Lucyin. I have just requested bugzilla:17547 for the transfer. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to do it. I am not very good at Bugzilla and for some reason I had problems to properly focus on the task. I'll have a look at your last messages to me and I will try to answer them soon. Regards. --Piolinfax 18 di fevrî 2009 a 01:15 (UTC)


Those templates linking wa.wikt & are an excellent idea indeed. :) --Piolinfax 18 di fevrî 2009 a 01:31 (UTC)

Hi, I have just done this couple of test changes in Modele:fr and Modele:en. The asterisk may be suitable if that modele is appearing only in lists of translations but if you plan to use it as well those templates in other context probably it is better to remove it. I have also linked them as lemmata because sooner or later those words will be created and I also added a capital letter (not in the lemma itself, though). I only did those two changes as a test. Please let me know what do you think about them. Thanks. Regards. --Piolinfax 27 di fevrî 2009 a 23:28 (UTC)


Salut Lucyin, s'il te plaît jette un coup d'œil sur m:Steward_requests/Permissions#Lucyin.40wawiktionary, merci d'avance, mes amitiés, --oûjê (:> )=| 13 di måss 2009 a 11:33 (UTC)


As an Administrator, you are allowed into #wikimedia-admin, the cross-wiki coordination channel for Wikimedia administrators. Any member of the channel can invite you in temporarily, but you need an invite exemption from a channel operator to get in whenever you want. Please come to #wikimedia and ask for an invite.

Any admin from any project is welcome and it is a good place for cross-wiki coordination of vandal and spam fighting. It is also useful for new admins to contact more experienced admins in real-time to get help with the more complicated admin tasks such as history merges/splits and importing via Special:Import.

Please remember to translate the interface at betawiki: only and to upload images preferably at commons:

You can request import of the translations made on wa.wikipedia at betawiki:Import requests

Thank you

Best regards, --oûjê (:> )=| 13 di måss 2009 a 19:02 (UTC)

Hi Lucyin. This adminship has now expired. If you still need adminship here, you should also add a note on this wiki so the community knows about it and then visit meta:Steward requests/Permissions. Angela 13 di djun 2009 a 06:12 (UTC)
I have extended this for 3 months. I can not grant you permanent adminship until there is a community here. Angela 15 di djun 2009 a 14:14 (UTC)
Hello Lucyin, extended for 6 months, all the best to You, --oûjê (:> )=| 16 di setimbe 2009 a 08:06 (UTC)

about contributions and general layout[candjî]

Hello, my name is Luc and I want to help you to contribute this wiktionary. I don't know Wallon at all but I want to learn it. So I can just add a translations in Dutch, Polish and English till I would be familiar with Wallon. What do you thing about it?

Yes, and what about article layout? I don't think is a good idea to follow this current layout... best regards --Lwh 24 di djun 2009 a 14:56 (UTC)

Now it a really big mess here. Look at djun e. g. --Lwh 24 di djun 2009 a 20:16 (UTC)
Yes, you're bot did it. ;) --Lwh 24 di djun 2009 a 20:50 (UTC)

New layout proposition[candjî]

Look please on article about waloński. What do you think about it? --Lwh 24 di djun 2009 a 21:08 (UTC)

  • Nice idea to create ==== {{H|Ra}} ==== entry tag - it's quite original. Could we use this way of naming templates as a naming convention? Could you tell me what the Modele:-f- mean and why it is on the begining of the article? --Lwh 24 di djun 2009 a 21:55 (UTC)

simple entry[candjî]

And this is my propositon of simple entry (see: craeye). What do you thing about it? It's like a global standard in most of wiktionaries. --Lwh 25 di djun 2009 a 15:05 (UTC)

About new changes[candjî]

A Lucyin, What do you think about new changes? You didn't react on them so I hope you like them... --Lwh 27 di djun 2009 a 17:33 (UTC)

about new layout[candjî]

The layout is simple


1. language tag (so we can put not only a Wallon words but words in every language and it's meaning in Wallon) (this should be on the top in hierarchy).

2. Pronounciation tag, hyphenation tag and etymology tag in the lower level of hierarchy (order doesn't matter but should be the same in every article).

3. Part of speach tag (in the same level as tags in point 2.)

Here begining real content.

word {{gender}}

  1. first meaning
  2. second meaning
  3. third meaning

If the homomyms occurs there will be no problem. Look:

I have a word can in English it can be a verb or noun

=== {{H|Su|wa}} === can

  1. ...

=== {{H|Vi|wa}} === can

  1. ...

I'm not taking ideas from one wiktionary like English, Dutch or French version. In my opinion Dutch is really good organised, but i think you could find something interesing on every wiktionary. For example I took idea of inserting the flag with language tag from Lituanian one.

What do you think about it? I'm really want to know your opinion becouse we should work and make decision together but we should also think globally. If you or anybody will use this (Motî:word) naming of pages wiccionaire will be closed for other wiktionary projects (wikibots will not add words in Wallon to their mother wikipedia) and words will be only here, and in my opinion they should be everywhere :) so every human could read how to say something in such beautful language as Wallon is...

Thank you for reading this --Lwh 29 di djun 2009 a 21:33 (UTC)

Yes, I agree 200 % with that nice layout. I will work with you in improoving it with great plaesure. The only small problem is that I will have very much work (in "real life") this month. So I can not be very active.

Lucyin 30 di djun 2009 a 10:09 (UTC)

About layout[candjî]

In my opinion the additional part of speech tags are unnecessary: {{adv}}

We should also do some upgrade of grammatical genders:

In Wallon like in French there are only two grenders? right? omrin and femrin? Right?

Could you tell me what abrevation they have? o for omrin and f for femrin?

And what about neute?

I'm asking becouse I have a proposition of new templates for them. See below:


word omrin or femrin or neute

  1. description

Regards... --Lwh 10 di djulete 2009 a 20:57 (UTC)

Tables masculine / feminine / plurals[candjî]

I could copy this tables from French wikipedia but it is not so easy. They have very advanced fully automatic system for noun inflection becouse on grammar rules (see here: --Lwh 10 di djulete 2009 a 21:35 (UTC)

About new templates[candjî]

I created couple useful templates from nl and en edition of wiktionary but are not not fully complited - I'll work on them:

  • 1. trans-top, trans-mid and trans-bottom
{{trans-top|1. description}}
{{en}}: [[woord]]
{{fr}}: [[mot]]
  • 2. nodef
It's look like this at this moment:

Variantes typographiques Deze pagina bevat geen woorddefinitie. Wij vragen u deze toe te voegen voor de compleetheid van dit artikel.
We will use this template to mark articles without definition. Wiki will add those words to speciall category containg words without definition. What I need right now is translation of information (Deze pagina...) and translation of category name (words without definition) --Lwh 11 di djulete 2009 a 13:32 (UTC)

about templates[candjî]

Please do not create templates only becouse that you want replacing the words. Templates are used for some common object (like e. g. sections, genders) but not simple text.

One word about making articles:

I think that {{==C}} is unnecessary --Lwh 12 di djulete 2009 a 05:51 (UTC)

about template np[candjî]

I created similiar template named {{pn}} but your template it is better. I modified it by merging {{crdj}}, {{~}}, {{/}} together so the template {{mot}} is no longer necessery. Let's use this template from now on (I mean template{{~}}. --Lwh 12 di djulete 2009 a 06:02 (UTC)

about viebe[candjî]

I thinking about creating template describing verb conjugation in Wallon: What do you think which approach is better? Show full conjugation in present:

full conjugation

or maybe we should focus on most important part and short table to three postion infinitive, past tense, past participle?

Automatic tables[candjî]

I don't think so it is possible. Btw. we should make something like pub here. Do you know how to do it? If not tell me how to say pub in Wallon and I will ask about it on Dutch wiktionary and make it. --Lwh 19 di djulete 2009 a 15:03 (UTC)

About Li Cåbaret[candjî]

I created a pådje which we will use for mwaisse copene about wiccionaire. We can move our copene there. :) Wiccionaire:Cåbaret --Lwh 22 d' djulete 2009 a 11:37 (UTC)


Could you translate for me following sentences? :

  • words in French
  • words in Italian
  • words in English
  • words in Japanese
  • words in Dutch
  • words in Polish

I want to create a new category names like and add them to templates like {{=wa=}} etc. --Lwh 17 d' awousse 2009 a 15:12 (UTC)

I created modele for arabe marokin, according to ISO-3 it is:=ary=. Li berbere don't have ISO-3 so my advice is to wait until that code will appair. About drapea do li walon. It's about real size of file not settings. French flag is bigger becouse author oif this flag make it bigger. Every flag has the same settings given in pixels. Flag of Wallonia is sometimes updated so I recommand you leave this template like this. Li gåmès has the same situation like li berbere --Lwh 17 d' awousse 2009 a 16:18 (UTC)


Can I request you to promote me to sysop range? --Lwh 18 d' awousse 2009 a 19:16 (UTC)

about categoreyes[candjî]

I don't think if it's an good idea to divide mots to walon et nèn walon, in my opinion categoreye mots nèn walons should be removed. I never met with that kind of division so wiccionaire should not be special in that manner. And what do you think? --Lwh 19 d' awousse 2009 a 18:48 (UTC)

Sysop flag expired[candjî]

Your temp sysop flag expired today. If you need more time, please, make a request on Meta and/or make a votation here, in your community. Thanks. Alex Pereira 15 di setimbe 2009 a 12:03 (UTC)

Temporary access expired[candjî]

Hello Lucyin. The temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired (see archived request). Thanks. Nick1915 16 di måss 2010 a 00:14 (UTC)


Salut Lucyin, je suis Sarvaturi de scn.wiktio, pardon de m'adresser à toi en français mais malheureusement je ne parle pas le wallon. J'ai lu quelques articles d'ici et je trouve qu'il est super ce projet en langue wallonne, ce projet m'a fait connaître une langue que je ne connaissais pas, alors mes félicitations! Je veux aussi te dire que, d'après ce que j'ai pu voir dans les dierins candjmints, tu fais du très bon travail par ici, et cela de manière constante. Je t'encourage à continuer. Nos langues, aussi minoritaires qu'elles soient, ont toutes le droit d'être représentées! La diversité est une richesse. Meilleures salutations. --Sarvaturi 4 d' avri 2010 a 00:32 (UTC)

Addjectif o Adjectif?[candjî]

Salut Lucyin, s'il te plaît le mot standard en wallon c'est "addjectif" ou "adjectif"? J'ai créé les catégories à partir de "beddu", j'ai peut-être fauté. Merci d'avance --Sarvaturi 6 d' avri 2010 a 11:04 (UTC)

  • Merci pour ta réponse, j'ai corrigé tous les modèles et catégories correspondants ainsi que le modèle [[Modele:==Adj]] créé par moi qui m'avait induit en erreur. Salutations. --Sarvaturi 6 d' avri 2010 a 11:35 (UTC)

Salut Lucyin, I took the liberty to replace the English t+ template that does not work here because there are a number of things missing (beyond my skill level) by the nl template trad. Less fancy, but at least it works... Jcwf 23 d' may 2010 a 16:37 (UTC)


Hi Lucyin, The way you put == == in templates creates an edit button on the page they are included in, but this button does not allow you to edit the created subsection itself but instead leads you to edit the template. On nl we have added a NOEDITSECTION magic word to each - - or = = template to suppress that. It makes the pages look a bit cleaner and avoids wrongful edits of the templates. 6 di djun 2010 a 23:47 (UTC)

Logo: Project name & Slogan[candjî]

Hello Lucyin. I'm currently collecting project names and slogans as a part of a logo cleanup. Would you mind providing a translation of the following phrases for the logo (or verifying what's already there)?

  • Wiktionary = Wiccionaire
  • the free dictionary = ?

Please put your translation on my Meta-Wiki talk page. Thanks in advance for your help! Cbrown1023 copene 24 d' awousse 2010 a 01:17 (UTC)

On mesti ![candjî]

Bondjou Lucyin,

Weti bé que dji va tinté de scrivir in wèlon. Em grin mère sereu fier de mi, ostin di coté d'em mam que di coté d'em pa...

So kè dji steu bin biess po sawer ré du tou sul ortograf in wèlon. Dja ke seu a mélindji el wèlon de namur, tcharlerwè é ptet ben em miet de litch... Mais savè kwè ? Al base el Wallon n'est nin fé pou yes scrivi, seulmin i gna toudi des djin que pince yes pu malin qu'les aut par s'ki saveneu lire e ecrir. D'en ot cstè si i estès né là, yayrait ptet pu personne pou djausé wèlon. C'est poukwè dji steu en admiration dvin vos boulo Lucyin. Wéti bé:

Djé cominci a fér en travail d'inthropologie: En monographie su l'comunauté frincès de Wikipédia. E vla que i gna deu djou pad vin que dji dicoubreu el site de Wikipedja in wèlon. Pou en surprise mil dieu s'asteu en bel surpise !!! Dja stè to binauch ...

Aud'jourdi dja steu a ver si dje peu nin l'fère su l'communauté wèlone. C'est poukwè dji seu a vos srire li masagje. Si nos povion no vwèr din l'vie réel, d'vin en bon pint poukwè né, por mi ce sreu en bon tchose. Em maujone è a Walcourt e vos ?

Dji steu en train d'cachi pou en dictionair frinces wèlon pou comprinté en miet pu de tos kè vos estez a escrir su l'site... Sul net dj'é rin trouvé.

Bondjou a vos maujone y bon swèrée

--Lionel Scheepmans 19 d' avri 2011 a 14:00 (UTC)

On ot cauw surmin,[candjî]

Vos asté bé djinti po me scrir en respons avou tin d'information. Asteur dji steu a pinsé kè d'bouté a escir su l'communauté de contributeux wèlon ne va né yess facil po mi. El Welon, dj'aim bé l'djaser, le scrir c'est on ot afèr... E ça nè nin en franwalon que va scrivi a m'place... Adon bouté su des djins que jazeneu wèlon dji vou bé l'fé dvin en djat de cafe mais nin dvin en écrin d'ordinateur. Dji pince que tertous peuvenu comprinte soula. Mais se rvwèr en octop pou dajzé en miet in wèlon su vos histwère sreu todi l'bin venu. Allé bonswèr e a bé rate camarade Lucyin. --Lionel Scheepmans 2 d' may 2011 a 16:40 (UTC)

Fôrmules et tchik et tchak[candjî]

Vos ploz candjî çou k' dj' a ddja metou. Savoz, dji so co on apurdisse å Wikt. Mins dji sayrè d' candjî mi minme çou k' vos m' avoz dmandé. - Waelsch (discussion) 11 di may 2012 a 12:16 (UTC)


Li fôrmule k' est foirt viye e walon, c' est: «Diu vs afoice», nén °«Diu vs afoircixhe». Fåt candjî ene miete so l' årtike afoirci.

Un grand merci[candjî]

Bonjour Lucyin, je suis Sarvaturi, je te félicite et je te remercie pour le travail que tu mènes à bien dans ce wiktionnaire wallon et dans la wikipédia wallonne. Tu rends la langue wallone plus accessible à travers les étymologies, les explications détaillées, les prononciations par zones, et les traductions. Je t'informe que la plupart des mots wallons pour lesquels il existe un équivalent direct en sicilien (à travers les racines latines ou grecques communes) seront prochainement entrés dans le wiktionnaire dont je m'occupe ( Bonne journée et bon travail. :-) --Sarvaturi (discussion) 4 di djun 2012 a 05:10 (UTC)

  • Tu as raison, de temps en temps on ne se sent pas assez épaulé par le reste de notre communauté linguistique, mais il faut continuer à travailler dans les projets wiki-wiktio car ce sont de véritables vitrines linguistiques virtuelles et nous sommes un peu les ambassadeurs de nos peuples, aussi minorisés soient-ils. Tout ce travail de recherche d'informations (notamment sur les étymologies et sur la valeur sémantique des mots) et de création d'articles que nous faisons peut susciter des vocations à l'avenir chez les plus jeunes, car il y en a certains qui se soucient de leur identité linguistique mais qui ne savent pas par où s'y prendre. Tu as évoqué le fait que nombre de Wallons semblent dédaigner leur propre langue, c'est aussi le cas chez les Siciliens, mais cela est peut-être dû à des sources écrites pas assez développées, ou pas assez diffusées, ou moyennement unifiées (donc perçues comme non fiables), ou tout simplement dû à un manque de structures cadrées où pratiquer la langue (que ce soit à l'écrit ou à l'oral) et les projets wiki-wiktio sont donc un formidable outil mis à notre disposition pour améliorer tout cela. Il y a aussi une certaine "domination" linguistique qui s'exerce sur le wallon par la langue française, et c'est aussi le cas pour ma langue qui est "dominée" linguistiquement par la langue italienne, il faut apprendre à la contrer, loyalement bien sûr mais sans concessions. C'est donc très important de continuer d'être là et de représenter les nôtres dans ce monde qui s'uniformise de plus en plus. Mon wiktionnaire de référence est le sicilien mais j'aime aller me promener sur les wiktionnaires des autres langues néo-latines parce que cela me permet d'étudier les évolutions phonétiques à partir de la langue mère (le latin) et j'y apprend énormément de choses sur les mutations possibles et y compris sur ma propre langue: tout s'éclaire dans mon esprit. Oui compte sur moi pour entrer quelques "ratournaedjes" dans les articles et pour les incorporer également dans mon wiktionnaire de référence, lorsque les mots sont suffisamment voisins. A plus tard. ;-) --Sarvaturi (discussion) 4 di djun 2012 a 16:53 (UTC)
  • De rien, oui notre travail compte et comptera de plus en plus. Je suis content que tu souhaites publier mon commentaire dans la gazette en wallon. Vive les petites langues ! :-) --Sarvaturi (discussion) 4 di djun 2012 a 19:16 (UTC)


Ç' n' est nén "sierpint", mins purade "sierpin", veyanmint ki l' femrin, c' est "sierpinete". - Waelsch (discussion) 5 di djun 2012 a 01:16 (UTC)

pilasse / traductions[candjî]

Bondjou Lucyin, on merci po "pilasse" èy po li conseil (formules di ratournaedjes). Årvey. --Sarvaturi (discussion) 17 di djun 2012 a 22:43 (UTC)

missing template?[candjî]

I have edit page walon, translations and it will not show the translation; I think, you have no template for nds-Code. Would you please made one? Answers please here on nds-wiktionary --Joachim Mos (discussion) 23 d' setimbe 2013 a 21:55 (UTC)

Re: bénvnou[candjî]

Merci et bondjoû. Dji n' cåze nén walon, mins dji cåze francès. Cdlt, PiRSquared17 (discussion) 6 di djanvî 2014 a 03:17 (UTC)


I noticed that the page Modele:! isn't used to escape a pipe character here, like it is on most wikis. A change to Parsoid currently causes it to be non-functional in many editing tools, such as VisualEditor, and a proposed change to MediaWiki will make it non-functional when normally viewing pages as well. To fix this, you'll need to move it to some other name and update all uses of it to point to the new name. I can help with this task if necessary. Jackmcbarn (discussion) 3 d' djun 2014 a 01:05 (UTC)

All of the linked pages have been updated. Also, has the same problem. Can you take care of it there as well? Thanks, Jackmcbarn (discussion) 3 d' djun 2014 a 14:48 (UTC)
Thanks! Do you want me to update the uses there as well? Jackmcbarn (discussion) 4 di djun 2014 a 14:14 (UTC)

Hi! Why did you block Wikimedia Commons administrator Marcus Cyron who just renamed a file on Commons which also affected wawiktionary where this file was included? He neither uploaded this file nor included it into wawiktionary but only renamed it. Hence, please unblock this account as he did not vandalize at all, thank you. Cheers, DerHexer (discussion) 14 di djun 2014 a 13:44 (UTC)

I don't think, this was funny. Not only you blocked me for a thing a script made, what have done it because of an administrative action on Commons - no! It was my first edit here. A really unproblematic edit! And you block me for this! Indefinite! You don't ask. No, you have done the most hardest thing you could do - but I have done nothing bad! I am Wikimedian since nearly 10 years. I have made more than 330.000 edits all over the projects and started about 6.000 articles. I was a long time Admin at de:WP and I am Admin for fore than 5 years on Commons now! I'm co-publisher of a 10th-anniversary-book of Wikipedia. I was Wikipedian in Residence. I attended at 3 Wikimanias. And so on. I'm not a stupid! Never ever someone act against me in this way. You should think about your behavior! Marcus Cyron (discussion) 14 di djun 2014 a 17:48 (UTC)

Names of Wikimedia Languages[candjî]

Dear Lucyin,

we are initiating a long needed action - we would like to translate names of all Wikimedia languages to all Wikimedia languages in the next two months. We have noticed that you are very active on Wiktionary and that is the reason why we are taking liberty to contact you.

We hope that you would be interesting to help us in our endeavor - To make this action easier we have already prepared the list of all Wikimedia languages, and for each language we have already prepared the page with existing and missing translations. So when you go to the page for your language you would have two tasks - to check whether existing translations are OK and to fill in the missing one. The more detailed instruction are on the language page.

What are the benefits of this work?

  • We believe it is about time to have all Wikimedia languages translated to all Wikimedia languages :)
  • Translated languages will be parsed into Wiktionary and the resulting number of Wiktionary entries will be significant for each language. That could significantly increase the number of entries for less developed Wiktionaries, and improve the quality of entries in general.
  • Wikidata - this would be great contribution to Wikidata.
  • All other projects could benefit from this list (Wiki Travel :)), as we believe that certain amount of terms has to be properly translated to all languages.

We are gathered around the project Wiktionary Meets Matica Srpska and we hope that you would be interesting in working with us! If you have any questions you can ask them on the Names of Wikimedia languages discussion page or via personal emails.

Important notice: The data are licensed under CC0, as they should be incorporated into Wikidata at the end of the process.

If you don’t want to receive future announcement about the project, please leave a note on discussion page.

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you! team

Godzzzilica (discussion) 29 d' avri 2015 a 12:48 (UTC)

Comment dit‐on plein & lleno en wallon ? --Romanophile (discussion) 31 d' octôbe 2015 a 14:09 (UTC)

so les dobès rfondowes do cmandeu des viebes del 4inme sôre[candjî]

Bondjoû Lucyin, vos metoz po les viebes del 4inme sôre ene dobe rifondowe, metans: "mawri" / "mawrixh":

  1. a l' indicatif prezintrece, prumire djin do singulî
  2. kimandeu prezintrece, deujhinme djin do singulî, cogne camaerådrece

mins asteme, pol comandeu c' est "mawrixhe".

ça fwait k' i fåreut:

mawri = mawrixh

  1. a l' indicatif prezintrece, prumire djin do singulî

mawri = mawrixhe

  1. kimandeu prezintrece, deujhinme djin do singulî, cogne camaerådrece

Dj' a candjî l' modele Srtxg (discussion) 22 d' decimbe 2015 a 19:15 (UTC)

Gråce ! Si vos l' dijhoz !
mawrixhe = suddjonctif prezintrece (1 & 3inme djin) + kimandeu (2inme, camaerådrece) ?
I dmeure co li deujhinme djin di l' indicatif prezintrece : mawrixhs ?
Pol suddjonctif prezintrece, c' est "mawrixhes", sins manke ?

--Lucyin (discussion) 22 d' decimbe 2015 a 19:47 (UTC)

neni, avou l' cogne -ixh c' est dji mawrixh, ti mawrixh, i mawrixh (et po ls ôtes, li -xh- si stitch: dji mawrixhrè, i fāreut k' dji mawrixhreu...
vochal li codjowaedje di Stasse po les sfwaits viebes
 Atuze des troes bodjes: A=«mawrih» B=«mawrih» C=«mawrih»
 mawri (93)
 pr.  : mawrih, mawrih, mawrih, mawrihans, mawrihez, mawrihèt
 er.  : mawriha, mawrihas, mawriha, mawrihîs, mawrihîz, mawrihît
 er.d.: mawrihéve, mawrihéves, mawrihéve, mawrihîs, mawrihîz, mawrihît
 fut. : mawrih'rè, mawrih'rès, mawrih'rè, mawrih'rans, mawrih'rez, mawrih'ront
 cond.: mawrih'reû, mawrih'reûs, mawrih'reût, mawrih'rîs, mawrih'rîz, mawrih'rît mawrihe, mawrihes, mawrihe, mawrihanse, mawrihése, mawrihèsse
 su.d.: mawrihahe, mawrihahes, mawrihahe, mawrihahîs, mawrihahîz, mawrihahît
 imper: mawrih, mawrihans, mawrihez
 part.: mawri, mawrèye, mawrihant
 A=mawrih-, B=mawrih-, C=mawrih-; dji mawrih, nos mawrihans, dji mawrih'rè, ki dj' mawrihe, dj' a mawri
Dj' ô bén, li bodje B est mawrixh- eto; les 3 cognes do prezintrece singulî sont les minmes (mawrixh)
(ci codjowaedje la n' est nén (co) bén metou dins l' codjoweu)
Srtxg (discussion) 23 d' decimbe 2015 a 10:55 (UTC)
Pol kimandeu, cogne camaerådrece, c' est bén : mawrixh ! (prustixh ! finixh !) (so Lidje) + mawri (prusti ! fini !) (Nameur, Tchålerwè) = dobe rifondowe, come dins l' modele divant.

C' est l' suddjonctif k' a + -e !!!

Å resse, tos les codjowas idicatif prezintrece 2s cam. sont les minmes ki l' kimandeu 2s cam (sins li S) : ti tchantes / tchante ! // ti waites / waite ! // ti tchereyes / tchereye // ti finixh // fini ! + finixh // ti prins // prin.

== çou k' est decidé vocial : Ind. Prez. 2s cam, cogne lidjwesse = ti finixh (SINS "S"). (dji tchictéve dispu lontins po vey cwè).

--Lucyin (discussion) 23 d' decimbe 2015 a 12:21 (UTC)

21, 31, 41... en wallon[candjî]

Bonjour, je me demandais si ces nombres "dizaine-onk" sont corrects en wallon car on peut voir sur le Wiktionnaire : vint-ey-onk, trinte-onk, cwarante-ey-onk et céncwante-onk. --Nicasser (discussion) 24 di djanvî 2016 a 01:10 (UTC)

Response ciddé
--Lucyin (discussion) 24 di djanvî 2016 a 12:32 (UTC)

modeles R10, R11[candjî]


Ces modeles la sont-st ahessåves po mete des loyéns eviè ds ôtes motîs so les fyis. Mins l' modele d' asteure, ki mete ene tiestire pa dvant, avou l' no del pådje, fwait k' on n' les pout eployî ki:

  • dins l' boket ortografeyes
  • po des mots ki l' ortografeye n' a nén candjî

Dji va candjî les modeles po k' i fwaixhe djusse des loyéns; avou l' no del pådje, oudonbén, po les ortografeyes k' ont-st ene miete candjî, on pout dner on paramete. Ça fwait k' i fårè mete li cogne pa dvant dins l' boket "ortografeyes". Di totes manires, c' est ene foirt mwaijhe idêye di mete PAGENAME dins ç' hågnon la; ca tchaeke côp k' on candje li pådje, on piede les infôrmåcions.

L' eployaedje serè:

  • sol pådje "vude" metans: | vude = R11
  • sol pådje "roejhén" metans: * reujhin : {{R11|reujhin}}

Srtxg (discussion)

C' est clair come di l' aiwe di rotche. Gråces !

--Lucyin (discussion) 11 di fevrî 2016 a 16:06 (UTC)

Mins gn a-t i nén moyén di n' nén dveur ricopyî l' mot. Come dins «Modele:E1», metans.
Gn a co les cas come "cwacwa", la k' on revoye a èn ôte årtike.

--Lucyin (discussion) 11 di fevrî 2016 a 20:17 (UTC)

Po "cwacwa", djusse mete R10 (nén R10)

--Lucyin (discussion) 12 di fevrî 2016 a 21:15 (UTC)

Kimint dit on face e francès ? --Romanophile (discussion) 3 d' måss 2016 a 06:08 (UTC)

Et antonyme ? --Romanophile (discussion) 24 di may 2016 a 00:01 (UTC)

Non, kimint dit on antonyme e walon ? --Romanophile (discussion) 24 di may 2016 a 11:17 (UTC)



Dins l' årtike les#Prono_d'_djin_coplemint i manke, dins l' tåvlea des alofômes, li cogne «elzès»
Li "e" a l' atake si spotche del minme manire ki l' ci da "endè", dj' ô bén pa drî voyale; mins a l' atake ou padrî cossoune i s' wåde:
elzès veyoz?; po lzès vey; po t' elzès dner (mins l' dierin si scrirè pus voltî aclapé: telzès)
po "les" årtike (les#Årtike), i manke eto li cogne coûtchantrece "els": les u els / ls (come li singulî c' est: li u el / l' )
Fwait, mins av ene fråze di modele ?
et dins l' grand tåvlea des pronos; li cogne "vis" n' a nén stî ritnowe e rfondou.
c' est ene dimande da Djôr. On l' pôreut rmete come dobe rifondowe. C' est cwand minme ene piceure di croejhete tipike; vis.
a mins "vis" c' est nén djusse "ene dobe rifondowe"! C' est on grand candjmint dins l' croejhete, la ki c' est nén djusse èn ôte prononçaedje ou scrijhaedje d' on minme prono, mins on prono diferin, ki n' s' eploye nén del minme manire.
si on wåde li doblete vos/vis i n' fåt nén les mete come "dobe rifondowe", mins come des pronos diferins; del minme manire ki "dji" et "nos" sont diferins (minme si, dins des coines k' i gn a, "dji" si pout eployî po "nos" => "vos" et "vis" sont diferins, minme si, a des coines k' i gn a (cåzu tot avå po dire li vraiy), "vos" si pout eployî po "vis")
èn ôte dobe rifondowe k' on pôreut accepter, c' est lzeu (=lzî).


Po djin (deujhinme sinse), dji croe ki c' est l' minme mot. Dj' ô bén: ene djin = li bwès, li tcherwaedje, evnd, ki pout esse fwait, tcherdjî, evnd, pa ene djin.

C' est insi k' i l' metèt dins les motîs k' dj' a rwaitî.


Bondjoû, Li tåvlea pol viebe ponre ni va nén, la k' i mete ki ça s' codjowreut come "braire" (çou ki n' est nén l' cas). Si djel tén bén, ponre si codjowe cåzu erîlé, avou A=B=C=pon-; i gn a k' pol prezintrece singulî 3inme djin ki c' est ene miete a pårt (ele pond, et nén pont) Srtxg (discussion) 18 di may 2016 a 17:05 (UTC)

Graficmint, c' est l' veur A=B=C = pon. Mins ci n' est nén l' minme bodje : A=pon=/pɔ̃/; B=pon=/pɔn/
oyi, c' est l' veur
ç' åreut yeu stî "pond" si on åreut yeu rfondou "ponde", mins avou les viebes å coron -re, ci dvreut purade esse "pont".
d' èn ôte costé, c' est "pon_d_" k' a todi stî scrît, et måy "pon_t_"
Adon, li "codjowaedje braire" va.
a neni; braire c' est: dji brai, nos breyans, i braiynut, dji brairè (A=brey, B=brai, C=braiy)
po ponre c' est: dji pon, nos ponans, i ponnut, dji ponrè (A=C=pon'-, B=pon (põ)) i n' a nou stitchî -y- dvins
ni nerén di stitchî -jh- (come cure) ni -l- (come boure), ni minme di -w- (come pûre (puwer))
ponre est bén ene sôre di viebe a lu tot seu (avou rponre, forponre,...), ki n' shût nén l' dujhance des ôtes viebes V-re
(do côp, on pout ossu wårder "dji pon, ti pons, ele pond", et minme "k' ele ponxhe" a costé di "k' ele pone" (cogne Gilliard; et l' costrujhaedje pus corant: cogne C + "-e" al fén)
Srtxg (discussion) 19 di may 2016 a 21:49 (UTC)