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I try to give translations in English and Dutch as soon as possible.

I do not know polish, but one of my friends, a Walloon dictionarist (Thiry Dumont) knows it; but, so far, he has not been working much on Wiki (he translated mezåjhe.

I am still in the preliminary trials with the layout. Last articles where pureure, erî-fa, netieure.

But today, the "old" Wikipedia project seems to have been added automatically.

Lucyin 24 di djun 2009 a 20:13 (UTC)

article layout[candjî]

djun is empty !

Lucyin 24 di djun 2009 a 20:49 (UTC)

simple entry[candjî]

simple entries are possible : craeye. Maybe good for beginners.

But I re-wrote it with our proposed standards : craeye

Lucyin 25 di djun 2009 a 12:24 (UTC)

Sorry ! I was on holiday !

It is very nice. I will try to apply it further on.

Lucyin 29 di djun 2009 a 17:19 (UTC)


{{-f-}} was for "feminine noun". Maybe just "sustantif" (we prefer "sustantif" than "no" (noun), too short, and not widespreas in the previous Feller orthography.

Templates for main paragraphs[candjî]

==== {{H|Ra}} ==== = Translation

=== {{H|etimolodjeye}} === = Etimology, etc.

See : Aidance:Aidance#Modeles_djener.C3.A5s

So we can add later small pics as in French Wiktionary.

Lucyin 25 di djun 2009 a 12:14 (UTC)

What about homonymous words ?[candjî]

I guess I understand your system for craeye; is it right ?

Now, what about words with 2 Walloon homonyms like mastoke ?

Lucyin 29 di djun 2009 a 19:18 (UTC)

A small table masculine / feminine / plurals[candjî]

Thank you once again for initiating the wondefull layout we are using now on the Walloon Wiccionaire.

For masculine & feminine nouns, it would be nice to have small tables like I noticed on French Wictionary, i.e. in : gueulard

For Walloon substantifs, it would be the same structure with the words : omrin / femrin / singulî / pluriyal.

Trials could begin with : gueuyåd & gueuyåde

Can you help me build this models, or ask to another "inter-Wiktionarist" to do so ?

Thank you in advance.

Lucyin 4 di djulete 2009 a 11:36 (UTC)

Template for "addjectif"[candjî]

Better === {{H|Addj|wa}} === because {{==Ad}} could alo be "adviebe" (adverb).

Lucyin 5 di djulete 2009 a 10:50 (UTC)

omrin, femrin, neute[candjî]

Indeed, there is nearly nothing neutral in walloon, except maybe indefinite pronouns like "çou ki" (çou ki n' va nén = what does not work).

Yes, there are adjectives that are the same in masculine and feminine : neute, macasse; (I do not know linguistics enough to say if we can call them "neutral" in walloon. What do you think of {{o-f}} ?

OK for not repeating the grammatical word.

Lucyin 10 di djulete 2009 a 21:17 (UTC)

Tables masculine / feminine / plurals[candjî]

It would ease a lot if we had tables like here in French : gueulard, châtelain.

Yes, I could not understand these tables.

We could begin with "manual" tables, without pronounciation, just "omrin, femrin / singulî, pluriyal (nouns and addjectifs always after the noun) and omrin, femrin, / singulî, pluriyal / femrin pluriyal metou padvant (addjectifs which can be palced before the noun, taking the "suffix" -ès)

Lucyin 10 di djulete 2009 a 21:26 (UTC)


I created template: -wasu-. Did you meant something like that?


  • Usage:
{{-wasu-|singular masculine form|plural masculine form|singular masculine form|singular feminine form|number*}}
  • if difference in forms occured we could put number

PS how to say proper noun in Wallon? --Lwh 10 di djulete 2009 a 22:23 (UTC)

proper name = no prôpe

See Categoreye:Nos prôpes

Lucyin 18 di djulete 2009 a 16:31 (UTC)

About new Modeles[candjî]

Deze pagina bevat geen woorddefinitie. Wij vragen u deze toe te voegen voor de compleetheid van dit artikel. => E cisse pådje ci, n' a nou definixha pol mot. El pôrîz radjouter, s' i vs plait ? Come çoula, l' årtike rissereut d' adrame.

words without definition => Mots sins definixha.

Lucyin 11 di djulete 2009 a 20:21 (UTC)

Modele {{~}} : iva !

Lucyin 14 di djulete 2009 a 21:13 (UTC)


Yes, we must begin, but it is a very very difficult item.

Well, it has already been started elsewhere :

It must be born in mind :

  • that the "ti" pronoun has a familiar connotation in Walloon.
  • that the last letter of the pronoun changes the first syllabus of a great number of viebs with "elidable voyal" (i rprind / ele riprind; i ståre / ele sitåre; i ctchesse / ele kitchesse)
  • that there are 8 simple tenses (see : [
  • that question sentences may change the verb (vouss ?) = est çki ti vous ?) (See : ireuss) or its environment (pinse-t i ? pinse-t ele ?)

Automatic tables[candjî]

You model "-wasu-" is very nice. I created "automatic" ones :

Does it work ?

For splawné, to do so, we would need to take away the last letter of {{PAGENAME}} (splawné, splawnêye, ...). Is it possible ?

Lucyin 18 di djulete 2009 a 17:04 (UTC)


A short approach of conjugation would be a 4 items table

1. indicatif prezintrece, prumire djin do singulî 2. indicatif prezintrece, prumire djin do pluriyal (where the verbal "bodje" often changes : see Atuze des troes bodjes : this is "bodje A", the most frequent in conjugation; the one before was "bodje B" 3. indicatif prezintrece, prumire djin do singulî, where a "bodje C" appears in very irregula verbs 4. past participle

I tried it {{Codj-4}}

See macsåder

For that easy first group, We could automatise it {{PAGENAME}}-r; {{PAGENAME}}+ans, {{PAGENAME}}-r, {{PAGENAME}}+é

You wrote :

we should make something like pub here. Do you know how to do it?

No, I don' t, but I can ask Mr Sarachaga, the founder of Walloon Wikipedia.

If not tell me how to say pub in Wallon and I will ask about it on Dutch wiktionary and make it

Do you mean "pub" in English ? => cåbaret in Walloon.

Cåbaret / Inte di nozôtes[candjî]

I forgot to tel you; there was already Wiktionary:Inte di nozôtes, with a direct link from "Mwaisse pådje". I mixed them pages ? Va-t i ?

Bons condjîs.

Lucyin 22 d' djulete 2009 a 15:08 (UTC)

about modele[candjî]

Please do not do templates like this {{MM}}. Templates where created for other things then for name->link usage... --Lwh 23 d' djulete 2009 a 19:22 (UTC)

mots francès...[candjî]

Alez s' dedja vey so : Categoreye:Mots nén walons

I manke co :

Drapeas (Flags :) I could not change the flagz that are in the top of the articles. Why is the Franch flag bigger than the Walloon ?!!!

Loukîz a : -et, nanti

I need moroccan flag in the same place == {{=arm=}} ==, and an amazigh one == {{L|zgh}} ==

This letter can be used as amazigh flag

For lorin gåmès, I try something (blason of Lorrain + flag of wallonia) but it did not work Modele:log.

Lucyin 17 d' awousse 2009 a 15:43 (UTC)

Mots nén walons[candjî]

OK. I made, instead, the category Mots di tchaeke lingaedje.

Lucyin 20 d' awousse 2009 a 08:54 (UTC)

Empty pages[candjî]

see on "Nosse cåbaret"

Levels of "prononçaedje" & Etimolodjeye[candjî]

Why only === ?

It gives bad presentation with ====; see totafwait.

--Lucyin 21 d' awousse 2009 a 22:34 (UTC)

Did you mean about size of Adviebe? Why ===? Those symbols indicates the hierarchy of headers not their size. I think their size can be changed using CSS sheets or changing something in MediaWiki. I have to read more about it. So don't worry if I'll do it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot - what with my sysop request? I can do nothing with layout if I'll not have sysop pirivileges
PS Let's keep protocol like this. If I send you a message, you'll answer me on your page and so on, ok? Answer me use colon (: mark) on begining please. --Lwh 22 d' awousse 2009 a 11:03 (UTC)

Mi statut d' manaedjeu[candjî]

I need approval of our small community to be further allowed to work as administrator.


Did you get yours ? I did not follow the question you told me here above (22 August). I just saw it now. Explain me again.

--Lucyin 16 di setimbe 2009 a 03:57 (UTC)

Opposition to "mwaisse prononçaedje"[candjî]

What do you think of that point ?


Can you ask the opinion of other interwiktionarists on the point ?

Lucyin 17 di setimbe 2009 a 00:09 (UTC)

Latin articles[candjî]

see questions on "Nosse cåbaret"

Lucyin 26 di setimbe 2009 a 12:02 (UTC)